Waste to Energy Continues to Gain Steam

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While new energy solutions are being discovered, refined and brought further and further into the public light, something that does not get a lot of headlines iswaste to energy. How something like this continues to not be used in the United States is incredible as countries like Japan have been using it for quite some time and dramatically improving their waste disposal problems in highly populated areas.

A faction of American Foods Group is looking to change this as they are undertaking a multi-million dollar project that will make use of waste in several different ways and hopefully give waste to energy some positive growth in the energy sector. From start to finish, they will be able to feed their new machine with about 100 tons of waste that will take about three weeks to run though the process to create a variety of products.

Waste is and always has been a significant problem for the food industry, especially for companies such as American Foods. The sheer volume of waste that can be created in the processing of meats and other food is rather staggering and unfortunately for the business, very expensive.

When possible, much of this waste is used in land applications. This is far and away the cheapest route to go, but there is just too much waste to be able to do this with everything. The new biodigester will turn waste into other usable products such as methane gas, heat, electricity and of course, some of the same applications that it is being used in currently.

This may seem obscure or “dirty” to some people, but the reality of it is that this will actually clean up the environment. Anyone that has ever been around these types of plants is more than aware of the fly population and the horrible odors that are associated with this. Much of that will be eliminated by using this process. Of course, there is also the added benefit of not actually having to find a home for all of this waste.

It has take the United States quite some time to get on board with waste to energy, but there are now several projects that are in the works and a couple of them are going to come to fruition in the very near future. If these early waste to energy plants have success, large cities will more than likely be investing more funding to a real solution to the waste disposal problems that many of them face.

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