Pyromex Waste to Energy Technology

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Swiss Company Pyromex has been developing waste management technologies for almost twenty years. Their goal is to lower emissions and reduce landfill waste with their patented ultra-high temperature gasification system. In 1999 the first industrial plant was built in Germany. According to the company, the Pyromex gasification system can treat all types of waste, with the single exception of heavily contaminated nuclear residues! The Pyromex technology just may be the ultimate waste energy solution – to treat all types of waste without waste residues and without harmful emissions to the atmosphere – while recovering all valuable constituent of the waste at highly economic conditions.


Waste Recycling

  • No dangerous residues, nothing to dispose of after treatment
  • No harmful emissions to the atmosphere
  • Treating of all kinds of waste, including hazardous and toxic material
  • Meeting the highest and most severe environmental rules and regulations

Pyromex Reactor

  • Modular, upgradeable system, starting at 10 tons per day upward
  • A fraction of the size of common waste treatment plants
  • Fitting into a small, compact, two level construction
  • No smoke stack necessary
  • Accelerated waste treatment processing
  • All valuable contents of the waste are recoverable
  • Different energy recovery technologies possible
  • Various energy utilization possible

Waste Energy Plant

  • Lower investment costs compared to common waste treatment plant
  • Fewer costs for treatment and maintenance
  • Low energy requirements
  • Greater power output per ton than that of common waste treatment plants
  • Profitable business, not just a break-even operation

Waste Tires-to-Energy

Tire RecyclingThe United States alone generates over 280 million waste tires a year. Although numerous recycling programs and methods have been deployed over the years, a large percentage of these tires still end up in landfills. Converting these waste tires into usable energy through environmentally responsible technology provides a significant opportunity.

The PYROMEX Waste-To-Energy technology consists of an induction heated, ultra-high temperature gasification process. The PYROMEX conversion process converts all the organic content of the waste stream into a high-energy synthetic gas “pyrogas” while the inorganic content is converted to an inert, non-leachable basalt-like material.

Although the system utilizes temperatures as high as 3000 F, it is not an incineration or simple pyrolysis process. Using energy-efficient induction heating, the process generates heat in an oxygen-free environment causing a series of chemical reactions to occur through pyrolysis and hydrolysis. This process converts all components of the waste stream, including non-toxic, toxic, and hazardous materials, into usable forms of energy and inert residue. In addition, the system exceeds all current environmental and emission standards.

Due to the fact that the rubber in tires has a high energy value (and through peeling, shredding, and crumbing) it becomes a very valuable feed material in the generation of “pyrogas” and electricity. On an average, a waste rubber processing facility can totally offset their energy costs, reduce or eliminate their tipping fees, and have a significant excess of saleable energy to create an additional revenue source.

The PYROMEX process represents the next generation of technology in the tire recycling business. Through the installation of a system, an organization can not only measure profits by what they save in tipping and disposal fees, but they can now offset operational costs while generating a new revenue stream based on the sale of energy (either gas or electricity) from the material that previously cost them disposal fees.

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