Mission: Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe

Mission Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe Get to know the real George Bailey MISSION JIMMY STEWART AND THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE GoodKnight Books October provides the first in depth look at the military career of Hollywood actor James M

  • Title: Mission: Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe
  • Author: Robert Matzen
  • ISBN: 9780996274050
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Get to know the real George Bailey.MISSION JIMMY STEWART AND THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE GoodKnight Books, October 24, 2016 provides the first in depth look at the military career of Hollywood actor James M Stewart, beginning with his family mission passed on from his grandfather a Civil War hero and father who served in World War I that military service in time of warGet to know the real George Bailey.MISSION JIMMY STEWART AND THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE GoodKnight Books, October 24, 2016 provides the first in depth look at the military career of Hollywood actor James M Stewart, beginning with his family mission passed on from his grandfather a Civil War hero and father who served in World War I that military service in time of war was mandatory for the Stewarts Jim tailored his life to this eventual outcome, learning to be a pilot so he could serve as an aviator in the war.MISSION describes Stewart s childhood, college years at Princeton, Broadway career, and meteoric rise to Academy Award winning actor in Hollywood People today can t imagine that Stewart was a ladies man, but he had a reputation as one of the most active bachelors in Hollywood, with a list of lovers that includes the A list of female movie stars.In 1941, before America entered World War II, Jim was drafted into the Army and gleefully left Hollywood behind to fulfill that family mission What happened to him in the service has never been covered in detail because he refused to talk about his experiences afterward MISSION begins and ends with production of the first film Stewart made after returning from the war It s a Wonderful Life, which in December 2016 will celebrate its 70th anniversary.MISSION also includes the stories of three other supporting characters, a radio man who flew with Stewart, a German civilian girl, and the German general in charge of fighter aircraft They provide perspective on what Stewart was attempting to do and why.

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      Robert Matzen is the author of seven books, including the award winning Errol Olivia Ego Obsession in Golden Era Hollywood and the bestselling Fireball Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3, which rose to 2 on the bestseller list for Biographies, won the 2015 Biography of the Year Benjamin Franklin Award, and earned praise from the Smithsonian Institution Regularly interviewed by international press, including the New York Post, Hollywood Reporter, and BBC, Matzen s previous print work includes many articles about classic films, and the Greenwood Press reference volume, Carole Lombard A Bio Bibliography His work as a filmmaker earned national awards and his feature documentary about George Washington, When the Forest Ran Red, is a genre classic He has also written and directed several films for NASA.


    1. I will admit to a predisposition to like this book. Jimmy Stewart is my all-time favorite actor. I have read a couple of books on his WW II experiences, so I had a superficial understanding of the facts of this biography. However, Mr. Matzen does a superb job of telling the motivations and stresses that Mr. Stewart and by extension all those who experienced combat in World War II.I found the prologue really set the tone of the narrative. The author starts by describing a movie set in the baking [...]

    2. James Maitland Stewart is a name we don’t often hear. But, Jimmy Stewart, the movie star, most all of us have heard of him even if we never saw any of his movies while he lived. Why? Because he was the star of an enduring Christmas movie that is shown every year, multiple times, and excerpted whenever there is a play for sentimentality. It’s a Wonderful Life may not have been your favorite movie with Jimmy Stewart, but Matzen weaves this movie into the story of Stewart’s life and its signi [...]

    3. Thank you to Net Galley, the publishers and the author for a ARC.A little from my action packed thriller fiction books, and nice to change pace.As a film buff, former film writer and also a huge James Stewart fan.Great to read about all his exploits in his early years in Hollywood in the 30's, and 40's before the war.Here is where the author had done his enormous amount of research, as we follow his career in the American Air Force his training in America, then also his active flying and his mis [...]

    4. This is a biography or history of Jimmy Stewart's war years of which very little has previously been written as Jim refused to talk about it. Born into a family who had a male fighting in every war since the Spanish-American War, Jim was raised that one day he too must serve his country at war. The book may also be said to be a history of the 4445th Bomb Squad where Jim spent most of his active service, ultimately reaching the rank of full Colonel. Matzen has a flowing narrative style which is v [...]

    5. In Mission: Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe, Robert Matzen provides an engaging, compelling memoir that focuses primarily on Stewart’s time as an aviator during World War II. Thanks go to Net Galley and to Goodknight Books for the DRC, which I read free in exchange for this honest review.The book begins with Stewart’s childhood in a small Pennsylvania town. His is a close knit family with a strong military tradition. An outstanding student, he is educated at Princeton and falls in lov [...]

    6. Jimmy Stewart enjoyed success in Hollywood. Professionally, he won the 1941 Academy Award as Best Actor for The Philadelphia Story, and found enduring fame for It’s a Wonderful Life. Personally, he made the conquest of many of his female costars. That was disappointing to learn; I thought he had such a clean cut image.With American involvement in the war likely, the draft began. His draft number got him in early, before Pearl Harbor. He waged his own battle to get into the Air Force. Overseas. [...]

    7. I’m getting old enough now that a lot of my students don’t recognize my Jimmy Stewart impression with its stuttering and awkward pauses. The truth is, I didn’t know much about Jimmy Stewart before reading this focused biography, despite my impressions of the screen actor. Stewart’s acting forms the bookends for the body of this volume. The reader is introduced to Stewart as the actor in It’s a Wonderful Life, the Christmas classic from Republic Pictures. Yet, it leaves the “snowy” [...]

    8. I’m approaching this review a bit different. I was fascinated with everything I learned about him and his service during World War Two. I’ve read many first-hand accounts, but this one was different. There was no fanfare, or glory. The death of his pilots and the troubled B-24 are excellent. Jimmy learned one thing early, don’t get close to the men for they might not be there tomorrow. This he struggled with during and after the war. How would you react watching the planes you command, cra [...]

    9. An inspiring story of the combat career of one of Hollywood's most beloved actors. Jimmy Stewart's bravery - and insistence on not publicizing his exploits during World War II - are a revelation. I knew he was a bomber pilot but did not realize how he fought the War Department to get combat missions and be treated as a regular Airman during the war. The actor rarely spoke about his combat service but it was extraordinary. He deservedly earned a chest full of medals for putting his life on the li [...]

    10. GNAB I received a free electronic copy of this book from Netgalley, Robert Matzen, and GoodKnight Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for sharing your work with me. This is an excellent history covering James Stewart's military career. Entertwined with the historical facts surrounding The WWII experiences of Clem Leone, a young enlisted man working as a radio operator in a plane under Stewart's command; Gertrud Siepmann 'Trudy' McVicker, a youngster raised in Germany during the war [...]

    11. Reads more like historical fiction with a few errorsSo how did the author write this book when Jimmy Stewart refused to talk about the war? He used research. Then he put many words and thoughts into Mr. Stewart's mouth and mind. I found this quite distracting.At one point in the book the author writes about Mr. Stewart's thoughts about the German V-1 attacks on London on Dec. 23, 1943. The attacks didn't begin until June 13, 1944. There are similar errors. This book reads like historical fiction [...]

    12. Jimmy Stewart refused to talk about his WWII service for the remainder of his storied life. He was already rich and famous when he voluntarily—and against the wishes of his Hollywood overseers, who in fact tried to scuttle his enlistment—joined up with the Army Air Corps as the Nazi threat became ever more grave for Europe and the world. Stewart was a quiet, introspective man, which lent gravitas to the many historic film roles he assayed in his lengthy career. But it was this same reserve, [...]

    13. *** giveaway win in exchange for an honest review***Jimmy Stewart the American hero off and on the screen. The selfless man who gave up the glitz and glam of Hollywood in order to fulfill what he thought was his duty. He didn't want preferential treatment. He wanted to fight like many generations before him. War aged many men. It aged Stewart none the less. From flying his single engine trainer to flights in a B-24 this book is exciting. Unlike most fiction books it has a good amount of dialog.

    14. I was looking forward to reading this story, albeit listening to it since I downloaded the audio version. But I found the narration and the writing so irritating that I abandoned the book before Captain Stewart even got to Europe. Initially I was put off by the sneering, sarcastic tone of the narrator, but once I sorted through that distraction I found the writing itself to be hackneyed and sophomoric. Too bad!

    15. Let me start off by saying I am a HUGE Jimmy Stewart fan. I have always enjoyed his "everyman" likability. And he's made some great films--VERTIGO, THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALENCE, REAR WINDOW, THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, BELL BOOK AND CANDLE, and so many, many others. So when my son (thank you, Michael!) gave me this book, I was thrilled. I already knew a lot about Mr. Stewart's film career, but very little about his experiences in World War II [...]

    16. In 1946, Academy Award winning actor Jimmy Stewart stood under an umbrella to get shielded from the desert sun as he and director Robert Capra prepared to shoot a movie set in a representative small American town during Christmas. The film It's A Wonderful Like has become a classic. What is less known is that Stewart like millions of Americans was returning home after serving in the war and trying to adjust to a post war world. Robert Matzen brings to life the story of Jimmy Stewart as an office [...]

    17. Mission Jimmy Stewart and the Fight for Europe gives readers a side of Jimmy Stewart that most of us did not know. This book gives readers a little taste of what Stewart was like as a child and gives us a few details of Jimmy the young man as he moved his way up in the entertainment industry. However, this book gives readers a look at the horrors of war. We learn a little more about PTSD, which was referred to as shell-shock or being flak happy years ago.This book is an important read not just b [...]

    18. This is a very good book not just about his life and how he got into show business but also how he felt a need to serve. To actually do something during the war, not just be in a uniform selling bonds. Once you get past the early part of his career that leads up to the war and him joining and becoming a pilot. You are then taken through his struggles to actually get into the air and actually fight. You met his crew and are given a first-hand account of Jimmy Stewart their missions. To me it seem [...]

    19. Those who lived through the Second World War and particularly Air Force vets that I have know tend to hold a soft spot for Jimmy Stewart. I recall my Dad and Uncle telling me how Jimmy Stewart volunteered for the "rough stuff" while other Hollywood starts opted for less dangerous duty.It's all here. A well organized and thoughtful story as to the why and how of Jimmy Stewart's war and post war career in the Army Air Force and ultimately United States Air Force. The book delves into interesting p [...]

    20. Every time a bell rings, someone without a good grasp of what makes compelling narration tries to write a bookI'm really disappointed - I thought I was going to read a book about Jimmy Stewart's war experiences and how they made him into the actor we love from "It's a Wonderful Life" and other movies, but instead I found the narration so (to quote another reviewer) "hackneyed and sophomoric" that I couldn't continue. The book is riddled with grammar errors and jarring pseudo-interviews with "Jim [...]

    21. I have always been a fan of Jimmy Stewart, so I was excited to read this book. It was fascinating to learn about him. It took me while to get through, but not because it wasn't interesting. I didn't know much about Stewart pre-war. It was interesting to see the impact and change the war had on him. It is a real life coming of age story. I also enjoyed the parallel stories the author included. Matzen put short snipets of stories about a German girl born the first year of Hitler's reign, a German [...]

    22. I could not put this book down!! Wow, this is the best book I have read in a long while! I did not know the whole story of Jimmy Stewart's Service in WWII, while I knew he had served and was in the air force, I did not know the extent of his service. He was a true patriot and a very special person who really cares about his country and ,most importantly, about his troops. I highly recommend this book to anyone. Great job to the author, Robert Madsen for the thorough job he did researching this b [...]

    23. I received this from Netgalley and GoodKnight Books in exchange for a fair and honest review. This was a great biography on James Stewart's WWII service. The descriptions of the events which took place during the 453rd Bomb Group missions over Europe are well written and can be heartbreaking. Stewart's struggle with PTSD are also part of this narrative and how he was able to deal with this is a testament to his character. This book shed light on a side of Stewart I knew little about. It was a bo [...]

    24. This book was an eye-opener both about James Stewart (have not read any other biographies) and the involvement of the USAAF in the Second World War. The early part relating to Stewart's time in Hollywood reminded me of "All the Stars in the Heavens" by Adriana Trigiani, the first book I read and reviewed on Net Galley! The war story was even more enlightening and highlighted issues which I had not even considered. So thankful not to have been alive at that time. James Stewart was a real-life war [...]

    25. For people interested in an unvarnished view of the horrors of World War II, this book delivers. If you removed the whole movie star goes to war angle of this book, you would be left with a gripping story of a courageous man off to war, fulfilling his familial duty to country. I found the additional stories, with the exception of Clem Leone's tale, to be somewhat superfluous although I understood why the author wanted to include them. Overall, I highly recommend this book.

    26. I have never read a book that actually talked about WWII. I normally read things about life outside of the war. I highly recommend this book to those who normally don't read this type of book although there is technical information a glossary was given. I also enjoyed hearing the stories of others that were with him or influenced because of his actions.

    27. AmazingI've always admired Jimmy Stewart and never fail to yearly watch "It's a Wonderful Life" , but this Holiday Season I will look at him with so much admiration, gratefulness for his service, and the sacrifice that so many Americans made in WWII. This book cites facts and the photos were wonderful making it one of the best accounts of WWII ever read.

    28. The combat aspects of the story were pretty interesting, however I am not interested in the supposed affairs he had. He may or may not have had them. He is not around to defend himself.The combat stories were good. Gave a good sense of what airmen went through in Europe during World War II. Too bad so much ink was wasted on material not really pertinent to the subject.

    29. Humble ManThis is the story of famous Academy Award winner Jimmy Stewart during WWII were he flew bombers in Europe and rose to the rack of full Colonel. Absolutely an incredible story of a truly great and humble man

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