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P&O provides multidisciplinary advice from in-house experts on a wide range of strategic and site specific environmental and sustainability issues. In particular, we specialise in providing strategic advice to both public and private sector clients and have a broad base of blue chip customers in the energy, waste management, planning and development, infrastructure, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Research: Waste To Energy

  • Turning Waste Into Energy

    Taking our leftovers to make the future brighter
    Waste-to-energy is a process by which forestry, agricultural and other waste (biomass) and municipal solid waste (garbage) is incinerated at high temperatures to produce steam, which then passes through a steam turbine under tremendous pressure to create electricity.

    Just as coal, oil or natural gas is burned to fire boilers to create steam to generate electricity, household trash is used as a fuel to generate power.

    Because the cost of the fuel in waste-to-energy facilities is virtually non-existent (in most cases revenue can be generated from disposal of the waste) it represents a viable energy alternative to burning fossil fuels which are non-renewable and cost money. Waste heat, from excess hot water and flue gas scrubbing, using proprietary patented technologies, enhances electricity production by as much as 30%, thereby making new and existing waste-to-energy facilities more efficient.

    • Medical Waste Conversion

      We have access to the newest technologies offering in-situ waste disposal for turning medical waste into EU approved Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) which can be fed into a pyrolysis and gasification plant to produce electricity, a complete closed loop system!

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  • Testimonials

    The experience and professional service is second to none and still continue to use the consultancy services for another a few years. On-hand fast approach to solving our requirements in a hectic environment in such short time helps with our framework agreements.

    Kathy Trummel - Regency International